A Christmas Finale Among This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Applications With the Most New Monthly Active Users

Unsurprisingly, Christmas-themed applications reached their apex for the year this past week. They comprised four out of the 2o apps that gained the most monthly active users on Facebook over the past week, according to AppData.

Christmas Cards! is at the top of our list, with 4.43 million new MAU. Even though its interface is just a minor iteration on the gifting theme — the app was created using the Gift Creator app — it has grown from zero to  16.1 million monthly actives over the last month.

Zynga’s PetVille is continuing to zoom up the charts, gaining 3.75 million this past week to reach 16.6 million MAU since it launched at the beginning of the month.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Christmas Cards!16,085,963+4,433,169+27.56
2. PetVille16,573,549+3,745,059+22.60
3. My Year In Status4,347,782+3,367,570+77.45
4. Incontra gente8,962,702+3,258,488+36.36
5. Christmas Greetings4,864,284+3,163,265+65.03
6. Pillow Fight6,522,320+3,036,138+46.55
7. Birthday Cards31,969,866+2,825,968+8.84
8. Happy Island4,592,725+2,376,036+51.73
9. Zoo World9,573,821+2,123,690+22.18
10. Facebook for iPhone21,800,778+1,720,656+7.89
11. Mobile15,543,847+1,385,435+8.91
12. @Smiles4,523,940+1,370,445+30.29
13. My Year In Photos1,253,329+1,088,305+86.83
14. Dante’s Inferno1,623,218+1,052,460+64.84
15. Quiz Creator1,892,888+1,013,718+53.55
16. Bubble Popp1,441,335+968,793+67.21
17. Best Friends Forever3,084,497+922,955+29.92
18. Santa Yourself4,308,392+908,756+21.09
19. Fun Cards – Christmas & More!3,014,882+892,345+29.60
20. Christmas Cheer8,069,902+890,555+11.04

And while Christmas may be over, we still have New Year’s to celebrate this holiday season. Which explains why a couple apps are getting big through helping users recap their 2009 experiences on Facebook. At number three, we have My Year In Status, which lets you make a simple collage of random status updates throughout the year, then publish it to your wall. It grew by 3.37 million MAU this past week, an increase of 78 percent over the previous week.

Meanwhile, another app has been taking the Italian-speaking world — and our leaderboard — by storm. Called Incontra gente, its a dating-themed app that lets Italian speakers (only) find people like themselves; the top-ranked users are all, incidentally, scantily-clad Italian females.

Moving on down the list, a number of other notables show up, including Birthday Cards gifting app from RockYou; it contains a birthday-themed version of its Zoo World game, which separately also made our list. Among games, CrowdStar’s Happy Island has also been climbing up the charts, along with Lolapps’ Dante’s Inferno.

Christmas apps, including Christmas Greetings, Santa Yourself, Fun Cards – Christmas & More! and Christmas Cheer, are also finishing strong. Look for the New Year’s apps to do well this coming week — not just My Year In Status, but another app on the list made by the same two-man developer team, called My Year In Photos.