Christian Publisher Michael Hyatt Expects Free eReaders, Bundling, Social Reading In 2011

This past holiday season left eReaders in the hands of many consumers for the first time. With this new opportunity and growing adoption, now is the time for publishers to take action and experiment with their eBook release strategies.

Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, a Christian book publishing company, expects 2011 to be a year of experimentation for eBook releases. On his blog, he predicted six eBook trends to watch for this year including: bundled books, social reading, eBook clubs, eFirst publishing (aka releasing an eBook before print), free eReaders and monetization experiments.

Here is more from his blog: “Free e-Readers. E-tailers will do this as a premium for readers who buy bundles or join e-book clubs. Or they might provide a dramatic discount to induce the next segment of holdouts to try digital reading. More and more the dedicated reader will be seen as a commodity, just like razors are to razor blades. In the near-term, expect to see the major e-Readers drop below $100.”