Chris Fry, Twitter’s $10 Million Man, Steps Down

Chris Fry, Twitter's $10 Million Man, Steps Down

Chris Fry has stepped down from his role as senior vice president of engineering at Twitter, switching immediately to a purely advisory role with the company.

The news came, of course, in a tweet.

Fry famously had a compensation package of $10 million at Twitter, a figure which was cited by some as a warning of an impending tech bubble. Others saw the salary simply as a clear indicator of how much Silicon Valley was prepared to pay – and increasingly has to pay – for its top talent.

Still, Fry was behind only CEO Dick Costolo at Twitter on the pay scale, with the latter picking up $11.5 million per annum.

While the reasons for his departure are not year clear, Re/Code‘s Mike Isaac notes that Costolo has grown “less willing to tolerate a slow pace of innovation”, and pressures on Twitter’s engineering team to tackle the platform’s flagging user growth may well have been an issue.

Fry’s replacement will be Alexander Roetter, Twitter’s current vice president of engineering. Roetter’s base salary? Just $250,000 per year. At the very least, that’s got take some of the stress off of the bottom line.