Chivas and Esquire Team Up with Jason Sudeikis for ‘Gentlemen’ Web Video Series

Episodes are brainchild of The Story Lab

Chivas Regal is running its first-ever branded Web video series called "Brotherhood" through Dec. 15 on the new Esquire Network's website; the two-month-old NBC Universal initiative is looking to leverage the iconic magazine's brand in the world of cable TV and digital media.

Starring Saturday Night Live alum Jason Sudeikis in a cast of five real-life artistically minded men in their 30s or early 40s, a dozen videos were developed off premises established by content agency The Story Lab. 

The blended Scotch whisky appears in casual settings like the dinner table, as the men hold conversations about life, work, creativity and other topics. Each character—there's a singer (Brandon Boyd), chef (Max Chow), artist (Bryn Mooser), musician (Jon Batiste) and hat designer (Nick Fouquet)—has monologue-esque moments in the series, often sharing their personal philosophies.

Yeah, it can probably be described as Lifetime for dudes. The series' tagline: "An Original Web Series that Celebrates the Modern Gentlemen Movement."

At any rate, the episodes run between three and five minutes and are being pitched with paid ads on Facebook, Google (search), and It will be pushed through Esquire's online and offline properties as well.

"Brotherhood is a collection of stories that paint the picture of today's modern gentlemen," per Lisa Eisenpresser, cofounder and head of development at The Story Lab. "These are multi-hyphenated gentlemen who are handsome, stylish, and aspirational—men who inspire us to pursue lives of passion and purpose. We document a day in each of their lives and the demonstration of their craft provides a unique visual thread for the series."

Sample the series in the video below.

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