Here’s The Schedule For Chirp, Twitter's Developer Conference (April 14-15, 2010)

The schedule for The Twitter Developer Conference, Chirp, which runs over two days from April 14, is now online.

I received an email from Twitter about the conference, which says this:

Biz Stone (@biz) will set the tone of the day with Evan Wiliams’ (@ev) delivering a visionary keynote. Ryan Sarver (@rsarver) will share Platform announcements and roadmap details and Dick Costolo (@dickc) will talk about monetization and commercial accounts. We even have a few surprises peppered throughout the day.

The second day’s schedule will be available early next week. It has something for everyone. Deep technical tracks for developers, business sessions for managers, policy talks for implementers, birds of a feather roundtables for information sharing, and more. Our goal on the second day is to create an environment for everyone to network, share knowledge and collaborate. So in addition to the formal tracks, we’ll have informal areas dedicated to impromptu, community lead conversations. Twitter employees from all areas of the company will be in heavy attendance to answer any questions you have.

(I’ll update with the day two schedule as details become clear.)

The event is going to be held at Fort Mason, at this location:

They’re also having a hack day competition on April 15.

I won’t be in attendance, but it looks like fun. And maybe, just maybe, they’ve been saving the big news – stuff like advertising and premium accounts – for Chirp? We’ll know in less than a month.