Chipotle Co-CEO Turns His Nose Up at ‘Cheap, Irrelevant’ Fast Food Chains


It’s difficult to hate on the rollers of the edible fatties, Chipotle. It tastes great, it’s “all natural”, and it’s good for you (as long as you only consume 25% of a given burrito). Even if you didn’t dig the food, the company’s advertising and CSR work is splendid (good work, Edelman).

If anything could possibly damage Chipotle’s sterling reputation, it would be perceived snobbery.

For example: “My food is better than your food. And now, let’s make fun of your diabetes.” Stressing the quality of your ingredients should not be a big deal; Papa John’s Pizza tries to do the same thing.

So guess what happened?

In an exclusive interview with financial outlet, Chipotle’s Co-CEO Monty Moran discussed everything that’s good in the world…until the talk turned to competitors and their ingredients.

Among the questions posed by Brian Sozzi was the baited “What do you see in the market right now?” Moran uncorked on the rest of the chains interfering with his food with integrity.

chipotle-adOur mission is to change how people eat fast food. In order to do that, there are a few ways. Build more Chipotles. That is one way. No. 2 is to get into different types of cuisine, as with ShopHouse and Pizzeria Locale.

But another way you change fast food is by causing customers to understand how irrelevant traditional fast food is, by traditional fast food I mean where the predominant goal is the cheapening of the raw ingredients, the automation of the work such that anyone could do it that you don’t need training so that they turn over their employees without any care for them, where it’s a game of value meals and cheapening and cheapening the food experience.

That is traditional fast food, and we think that’s going away. We, and others like us, will replace that.

Unhealthy? Most definitely. Irrelevant? Definitely not.

Market share pie charts reveal that Ronnie McD is still laughing all the way to the clown bank despite all his reputation problems. Fast food will never be irrelevant as long as it is cost-effective. Dollar menus, happy meals, and kid toys — this is the trinity of profitability in fast food.

The drive to educate the world on better food is admirable, but the quest to put McDonald’s out of business leads us to believe that the people at Chipotle headquarters might be rolling something other than burritos. It is in Colorado, after all.