UPDATE: Chick-fil-A Still Very Much Anti-Gay Marriage

This week we all wondered whether to believe the stories about Chick-fil-A’s supposed decision to stop donating to anti-gay groups. If it sounded too good to be true, that’s because it was.

Turns out that, as reported by The Advocate, the poultry-parts chain can still support “pro family” groups ‘til the cows come home without violating the “agreement” it reached with Chicago alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno—as long as its charity doesn’t donate directly to these groups. It’s what we call a massive loophole.

For example, on Tuesday Chick-Fil-A President Dan Cathy tweeted a picture of himself taking part in the WinShape Ride for the Family. It’s an event designed to raise money for the Marriage and Family Foundation, an advocacy group founded by the Cathy family that lobbies against various marriage equality laws.

Did Cathy violate his company’s earlier “agreement” to stop donating to those groups?

No—because registration forms for the event instructed participants to send their checks directly to the Marriage and Family Foundation, bypassing WinShape and effectively meeting the conditions agreed to in Chicago—albeit in a patently dishonest way.

Each biker or couple had to pay $3,500 to join, but a $5,000-15,000 donation could assure silver, gold or platinum status—whatever that means. Here’s the kicker: “The Chick-fil-A logo accompanies everything, and so does the WinShape name, but it’s unclear whether the foundation continues to make donations.”

Sounds like a bit of a bait and switch, no? Not only does Mr. Cathy not care for gay advocacy groups, he also seems to enjoy flinging dirt in their eyes. In fact, he released a statement–on Mike Huckabee’s website, of all places–contradicting the earlier story and asserting that Chick-fil-A had made no concessions, stating that “we remain true to who we are.”

We can’t quite say where this story will go in the coming weeks, but we do think it’s safe to say that the controversy will continue—and that it will somehow bring a divided America together.

Just kidding. It won’t do that. But it will make a whole lot of people angry!

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