ChevronWP7 Labs Will Provide Microsoft Approved Windows Phone Unlocking Service

The ChevronWP7 group developed software to unlock Windows Phone 7 devices and allow abitrary app installations. Microsoft asked them to pull the app and then worked with them to produce an officially sactioned tool to do the same thing. The group announced that they will be offering a Microsoft approved service to unlock phones in the near future.

Announcing ChevronWP7 Labs

There will be a fee associated with the unlocking service that is less than Microsoft’s $99 annual App Hub fee for developers. Unlocking a Windows Phone lets developers load any application without going through Microsoft’s App Hub.

If it functions like the original unscanctioned tool, it should also allow end-users to “side load” apps without going through Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace. The ChevronWP7 Labs site link is provided below. It currently says “coming soon.”

Via WinRumors: Microsoft and ChevronWP7 team up for new Windows Phone 7 developer unlock tool

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