Want To Track Olympic Chatter On Twitter? Check Out CheerMeter

Are you wondering which events, athletes or brands are getting the most Twitter buzz during the Olympics?

Well, the folks at Socialbakers launched their Olympic “Cheermeter” this past Thursday and they just may have the info you’re looking for!

CheerMeter is a new social media tool that tracks and analyzes real-time global Twitter buzz around sporting events. That’s pretty cool, but the best thing about it? It’s free.

CheerMeter follows which sports, athletes and languages are trending on Twitter per hour, per day and over the course of several days. Tweets are segmented by language for all to see which nations are most vocal in support of their teams.

CheerMeter tracks the number of tweets or ‘cheers’ per hour in the speedometer and the number of cheers per day compared to the previous day. You’ll also find a graph illustrating the trend over many days as well as top lists of the languages and sporting events most mentioned on Twitter.

Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab explained why CheerMeter is such an exciting tool: “There are few topics more internationally evocative than sports. As the world tunes in to watch its finest athletes compete, all the major social media platforms will explode with noise during this busy period.  We’ve built the CheerMeter to act as a virtual stadium for all sports fans, supporters and critics to track the social media performance of individual sporting events, athletes and associated brands in real time.”

With more than 200 nations taking part in 300+ events over the next 16 days, CheerMeter promises to offer some interesting insights to brand marketers.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

(Olympics image from Shutterstock)

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