Are You Obsessed With Your Phone? Checky Can Help

If you want to curb your smartphone habit, check out this simple app.


From the miles you run to where you parked your car, smartphones can help us keep track of all kinds of important data. But a new app called Checky can help you keep tabs on just how often you rely on your phone itself.

The interface for Checky couldn’t be more simple. The app runs in the background and tracks your phone use as you go through your day, including the location. Even the landing page is no-fuss, with only a prompt to text a link to the app to your phone.

What you do with this information Checky collects is entirely up to you. The app doesn’t offer any built-in judgement reminiscent of of StayFocused or other time-management tools, but the where and when insights it provides can help you spot patterns or give you a goal to aim for (or below) each day.

Measurable changes start with small steps, so if you are trying to limit the statistically staggering amount of time you’re likely to spend on your phone in your lifetime, or break a habitual cycle of tweeting, take a look at Checky.