Check Out the Xoom User Manual

If you have seen enough about the Motorola Xoom to be interested about the to-be released Android 3.0 tablet and want to see more, you can download a copy of the Xoom Users Manual from the Droidlife web site. I’ve browsed through the manual, and did not find it enlightening for anyone who knows how to use Android.

Some tidbits that I did gleam are:

– The Xoom does not have a hardware screen lock button, which you may recall has been a source of controversy for iPad users when Apple swapped the original screen lock function to a mute function with the hardware button. It looks like Android 3.0 has a quick setting applet with a screen lock function.

– It looks like the tethering and portable hotspot functions introduced with Android 2.2 remain and haven’t been stripped about by Verizon, who is the carrier referenced to in the User Manual.

– One new (at least to me) feature that I found is an enhancement to the USB connection function to enable transferring of music from Windows Media Player to the Xoom. A new option called MTP Device appears to be associated to USB connections with desktop computers. The mass storage device capability remains.