Facebook Adds Places Check-Ins and Deal Claims to Page Insights

Admins of claimed Places pages can as of today see a Daily Places Activity section when viewing Insights. This section includes the number of times users have checked in to their Place or claimed a Deal they’re offering when viewing Insights. The data will help admins deduce foot traffic trends and help them refine their Deals for better performance.

Facebook launched its location service Places in August and its check-in rewards system Deals in November, but admins haven’t had access to detailed performance of these features until now. Insights has gotten several updates as of late, with Facebook announcing Insights for Websites yesterday, allowing admins of Websites and social plugins such as the Like button and the Comments Box to see performance data on how Facebook is influencing traffic.

When admins of Places visit Insights, they now have the option to view Daily Places Activity. Facebook has only been collecting Insights data on check-ins and claimed Deals since March 8th, so admins won’t see any historical data.

Admins could compare the data to their estimates of total foot traffic to their location to determine on which days users are most likely to post about their visit or redeem a reward. They could also watch to see how news feed posts drive check-ins, or how different reward values impact Deal claim frequency.

Despite the inherent power of Deals, which both inspires primary foot traffic and leads to exposure of a local business to a visitors network, adoption of the location rewards service still seems to be low. The new Daily Places Activity could help them prove the worth of the program, leading more businesses to incentivize check-ins.