Chartboost and TinyCo lure Kindle Fire devs with up to $2.50 per install

Chartboost and TinyCo want to give developers more incentive to create games for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. The two companies are promising to pay Kindle Fire developers who show Chartboost’s ads in their games up to $2.50 for every install they can drive to TinyCo’s titles on the platform.

The pair announced today Kindle Fire developers will receive 100 percent of the proceeds from Chartboost display ads that promote TinyCo’s games and a guaranteed payout of $2.50 per install in the U.S. and the U.K. and $2.00 elsewhere. According to Chartboost and TinyCo, the potential eCPMS from the interstitial ad campaign could range between $16 and $21.

The new Kindle Fire offer is similar to a deal Chartboost and TinyCo offered to iOS developers in November. Although the companies haven’t revealed how many new users TinyCo was able to able add from last year’s iOS campaign, Chartboost CEO Maria Alegre referred to the response as “overwhelming” in today’s press release.

The deal helps TinyCo cement its reputation and attract users on the Kindle Fire, a platform the company already sees as a big moneymaker. In April, TinyCo revealed the Kindle Fire version of its game Tiny Village generates twice the average revenue per user than the iOS version.  The $2.50 install price for U.S. and U.K. installs also shows how much monetization potential TinyCo believes on the platform in the long term. Remember that if a company pays $250 to acquire 100 users and only five percent of them monetize, excluding ad revenues, the company must generate lifetime revenues of $50 for each paying customer in order to break even. The rate is also double the current iOS user acquisition cost of $1.26 per loyal user Fiksu reported at the end of June.

The extended partnership also allows mobile app cross-promotion service Chartboost establish its footing with Kindle Fire developers — a good move considering the stiff competition in the mobile advertising space and the potential of Amazon’s platform. More information about the offer is available on TinyCo’s website.

TinyCo is backed by $18 million in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz, and so far Chartboost has raised $2 million from the likes of Translink Capital, SK Telecom Ventures, and XG Ventures.