Change the way the world sees you with iMadeFace

iMadeFace is a new iOS app from Keyloft. It shot to the top of the iTunes charts recently, and has proven so popular that it even attracted mention from non-tech publications such as USA Today’s Pop Candy section. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store, and carries additional in-app purchases.

iMadeFace is, as the name implies, a tool for creating faces. Specifically, it allows users to create stylized pop art-inspired male or female faces that are particularly suitable for use as avatars on social networks.

The app is designed to be very straightforward to use, and makes use of a mostly gestural-based interface. After starting the app and choosing whether to create a male or female face, users can select the part of the face they would like to customize using a bar at the top of the screen, then cycle back and forth between alternatives by swiping left and right on the screen, and cycle through the various available colors for the part by swiping up and down on the screen. No on-screen indication is given of how many options there are available for each component — it’s up to the user to simply experiment until they find one that catches their eye. This could perhaps be implemented a bit better — with parts that only change subtly with each swipe, such as face shape, it can sometimes be difficult to see what has changed, so it would be better to have some additional feedback from the user interface when switching parts.

The user is able to customize face shape and skin color; hairstyle and color; eyebrows; eye shape; nose shape; mouth shape and lip color; and ear shape. They may also add accessories such as glasses, choose one of several predefined non-customizable text phrases and change the color of the background. The app monetizes through sales of additional packs of parts which can be used to create new faces — some of these also include additional designs for the background beyond the default solid color. Some App Store reviewers have criticized the app for its relatively limited options — particularly when it comes to both skin color and characteristically “ethnic” styles such as dreadlocks and curly afro haircuts — but this is something which Keyloft will easily be able to expand on over time.

Once a face has been created to the user’s satisfaction, they may then either save it to the app’s Gallery function (which also saves it to the user’s Camera Roll) or share it via various social services, which besides the usual Facebook and Twitter also incorporates several Chinese services including Sina Weibo, TC Weibo and Huaban. The face may also be assigned to a contact or sent as an email attachment.

Some App Store reviewers with iPhone 4 and 4S devices have reported the app crashing on startup or simply freezing on the front page, but no problems were encountered during testing on an iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.

iMadeFace is a simple app that produces very striking, distinctive results. Ultimately its functionality is somewhat limited and it’s not an especially “useful” app per se, but for those looking to spice up their social media presence with some eyecatching artwork, it’s a good solution and looks set to continue expanding with new options so long as users keep supporting it.

iMadeFace currently occupies the top spot in both the Top Free Apps and Top Free Entertainment Apps charts. It’s also the No. 12 Top Grossing Entertainment app, suggesting that a healthy proportion of users are opting to pay for the additional in-app purchases.