Chameleon Home Screen Now Available in Google Play

The beleaguered home screen developer Chameleon is back from the brink, and they have finally released their much anticipated app.

Back in May and June of this year the Android blogosphere was astounded by a new concept in menus. The Chameleon home screen was designed to be a location and time aware app which showed you a different set of widgets and app icons depending on various factors like the time of day and whether you are at home, work, etc.

Development of this much anticipated app was originally going to be funded by a Kickstarter project, but that fell through due to an unforeseen complication. One member of the team left, and since the Kickstarter project was tied to their Amazon payments account there was no way for the money to be transferred to the developer’s bank account.

Luckily that stumbling block wasn’t enough to end development. You can now find the home screen in Google Play. The price is $10, which is more than a little steep compared to most any other home screen app (many of which are free).

Are you planning to get it? If so, you might want to wait for a while. Some early reviews indicate that it is still in beta, with some reviewers reporting that it is unstable and buggy.

I probably won’t be getting it; it looks far too cluttered to suit my taste. But based on the response to the Kickstarter fudnraiser I might be in the minority.