Chameleon Could Change How You Look at Android Tablets

If you’ve ever wanted more out of the home screen on your Android tablet then I have a Kickstarter project for you. Chameleon is a 4 month old work in progress that aims to replace the bland home screen currently found on most Android tablets with a more information rich design.

Assuming it gets funded, Chameleon is going to enable you to build multiple different home screens which will show you the info you need most right at that moment. You might have different screens for work, home, your morning news binge, and more.You can watch this video for more details:

Chameleon is getting a lot of attention right now and it has a lot of tech bloggers very excited. But I just don’t see the appeal. We can already do similar tricks with widgets on the home screen, including clocks, RSS feeds, calendars, and more. As a rule I usually remove the widgets from my tablets. They’re distracting and they make the home screen look cluttered.


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