How Are CFOs Using Social Media?

According to a recent report, more CFOs are engaging on social media to get a better understanding of how it affects their businesses.


Chief financial officers are hardly considered the most active group on social media. However, according to the latest CFO report from the social  insights firm Leadtail, more CFOs are engaging in social media to get a better understanding of the medium that creates so many business disruptions.

The study analyzed nearly 50,000 tweets and more than 3,000 shared links from the profiles of more than 500 financial executives between October and December of 2013. The findings include insights into what financial professionals are concerned with, what they’re reading, as well as what people, publications and brands influence them most.

In keeping with the trends of mobile migration, CFOs consume content via mobile devices. Eight of the 15 most popular sharing apps may be mobile, but Twitter is still a popular platform for cross-posting content from other social sites. In fact, 25 percent of CFOs shared YouTube videos to Twitter.


Of the top 100 most-shared content sources, news and lifestyle sites made up 38 percent.


Business and technology sites play a major role in defining the conversation between financial professionals and their peers, making up 35 percent of the top 100 content sources.


Which publications get retweeted the most?


Which brands and publications do CFOs mention most?


There were four major takeaways from the report:

  • Finance executives are active on social media beyond LinkedIn
  • They’re sharing content related to the issues they’re dealing with on the job. But they’re well-rounded and talk about social issues and current events as well.
  • CFOs read and share both mainstream and industry-specific content.
  • Certain brands, publications and people are more influential with CFOs than others.

Download the full report from Leadtail.