How Can You Tell When Celebrity Lovers Call It Quits? They Both Unfollow Each Other On Twitter

Aaah, celebrity power couples, the people we love to hate. When two prominent Hollywood-types split up, the gossip rags, talk shows and social networks light up with speculation.

But all this prying into the personal lives of famous strangers doesn’t reveal the truth as much as their own actions do. And lately, it seems like the final nail in A-list relationships’ coffins has been the dreaded unfollow on Twitter.

Unfollowing someone on Twitter usually isn’t an insult. Under normal circumstances, it simply means the account doing the unfollowing is cleaning house, clearing out their following list of accounts that aren’t as active, on-topic or consistent as they might like.

But that is a normal situation, and pop culture is anything but normal.

Celebrities seem to have loaded that “Unfollow” button with a whole lot more meaning than us regular folk.

They wield it as a weapon, unfollowing to send the message that they no longer want to associate themselves with that account – both on Twitter and at those private celebs-only late-night parties.

In recent months, no less than three majorly-scrutinized power couples have split up… on Twitter.

Just last week, Russel Brand unfollowed his ex-wife Katie Perry on Twitter. Granted, this was four months after she unfollowed him and a year after their public split, but the gossip rags couldn’t stop themselves from speculating that his reluctance to pull the digital plug was because he was regretting the split itself.

And poor Rihanna can’t catch a break on Twitter either, with her recent unfollow of ex Chris Brown put under the microscope as the media wonders whether it was because she thought his latest track was about her.

Lastly, and perhaps most famously, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore had their very own, very public Twitter tiff in recent months: after their split, their on-again-off-again unfollows were seen as signs that they were unsure of whether to stay apart – until Ms. Moore changed her Twitter name from @mrskutcher to @justdemi.

So, at least according to our celebrity-obsessed media, celebrity couples need to be very careful of how they interact on Twitter, as a mistaken “unfollow” button click could mean weeks of speculation on the health of their relationship.

(Break up image via Shutterstock)