CBS/CW Order Pilots–Totally New, Unlike Anything Else

CBS and the CW (why does that sound like the outdated handle of a CB radio enthusiast?)are concocting a whole slew of new dramas from old sources, according to Variety.

Marta Kaufmann is offering up Steps, a drama/comedy laid in a family-owned dance studio. There’s one on every street corner.

Barbara Hall is producing Cherries in the Snow, a drama about a young British woman negotiating in the ugly world of the beauty biz. Emma Forrest is writing the pilot, based on her book of the same name. So close to Fox’s series based on The Devil Wears Prada, and yet so far. FBLA hopes that Hall abandoned the exorcist show.

Marc Abrams and Mike Benson are producing Ghosts, a drama about FBI surveillance unit that lives and works together in a bid to fight crime in Washington, D.C. where housing is in very short supply, apparently. This is written by Adam Mazar.

And then, Jerry Bruckheimer and Danny “CSI” Cannon are teaming to exec produce an untitled National Treasure-style action-adventure hour about a wealthy benefactor funding archaeologists. Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, will write the pilot.

Ever notice how TV loves wealthy benefactors, yet produces so few in the ranks of real life?