CBS Sports Granted 100 Invites Per Day

A few days ago I posted about users revolting against CBS Sports and their March Madness application. Well today the controversy hit the fan. A post to the Facebook developers forum brought up a interesting thing that took place today. Suddenly, the CBS Sports bracket was granted 100 invites per day. This is at least 5 times the volume typically granted to the average application.

While I’ve noticed an increase in the alotted invites over the past few weeks from 13 to 20, nobody has come close to being granted 100 invites per day until now. The platform developers are angry because these new applications have been granted an unfair advantage for their advertising campaign. Then again in the real world money talks and I’m sure CBS sports paid a hefty sum to build their partnership with Facebook.

So where does this leave developers? Out in the cold currently. Facebook has granted special permission to this one partner who has paid an undisclosed sum for distribution of their application. The primary complaint is that this is completely unfair and CBS was simply granted preferential treatment due to a “small” deposit in Facebook’s bank account. We now have developers that are fearful of expressing themselves because the Facebook platform managers could turn into an oppressive regime overnight.

So perhaps I am stretching this a little bit. Who receives priorities around Facebook? One developer accurately suggested that Facebook’s duties are in the following order: investors, advertisers, users, large app developers and finally small app developers. Want to bypass the bucket system enacted by Facebook? Pay a substantial fee. Do you think this is fair? Should advertisers be granted special distribution rights for paying a fee to Facebook?