CBS News for iPad


You first impression of

CBS News for iPad 1.1 (iTunes App Store)

may depend on which way your iPad is oriented when you first launch the app. If you have it in portrait mode like I did, it will seem like a pictorial app that leads to articles and videos (see screenshot above). If your iPad is in landscape mode, it may look like a mostly text app that looks more like a text-news web site (see screenshot below).


A first impression that does not depend on orientation, however, is how slowly the app seems to launch. This may be a function of Amazon wanting you to see the single screen Kindle ad that precedes actual CBS News content, however (see screenshot in the full blog).


The app doesn’t feature an out-of-the-box innovative user interface like the one features by the ABC News app. However, this is not a bad thing. CBS News’ iPad app is easy to navigate. And, that is really all I ask of a conventional news app with bits of video.