CBS Mobile to Deploy Search-Enabled Ads

CBS Mobile joined forces with Medio Systems to add search capabilities and search-enabled advertising opportunities to its CBS Mobile Web sites, according to a MediaPost report.

“The announcement marks the official launch of Medio Mobile Search for Publishers, an ad-supported search solution built and optimized for the mobile experience,” the report said. “With Medio agreeing to give away mobile search to WAP sites if they become part of the Medio Mobile Now ad network, Medio becomes one of the largest aggregated mobile search ad networks in the U.S.”

The article goes on to give an example of how the new system works, such as running a search about a team. That search could yield the latest scores, player injuries, plus the latest news and gossip about that team. Meanwhile, ads would display next to the results–and those ads would be relevant to the user’s own, prior search terms.

CBS Mobile Teams With Medio For Search-Enabled Ads [MediaPost]