CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric Educates Me on TXTING in Relationships (?)

So last night my colleague forwarded over to me a video clip posted on GIZMODO of Katie Couric, CBS Evening News anchor, talking about texting in relationships. Katie referenced a recent AT&T study that highlights how U.S. consumers are increasingly turning to texting for flirting and romance. Of those surveyed, 68% text love notes. The most popular message “thinking of u” and 28% say that they send it two to three times a day. Katie also opines on break-ups and hopes that it comes face-to-face as opposed to the more impersonal text message. She says “IMHO (in my humble opinion) a broken heart is bad enough without the BlackBerry phone.”

We know that texting has been all the rage for sometime now, and there have been plenty of studies out there about how texting has played a role in not just flirting and romance, but the ugly side of relationships – infidelity, break-ups and divorce. While Katie likely doesn’t fit the core avid texting demographic, she has her teenage daughters to thank for educating her.