Caveboy Escape dev Appxplore announces Mobfish Hunter for mobile


Caveboy Escape developer Appxplore has revealed details for its upcoming iOS and Android game Mobfish Hunter. The “endless fishing-action” game will take players to the year 2020, where a greedy corporation has stripped the Earth of its rarest elements and the planet’s fish have mutated into dangerous Mobfish. The game looks to take traditional fishing to the extreme, as players will need to rely on a variety of weapons, and not just fishing poles, to combat and catch the Mobfish.

Mobfish Hunter will feature four major environments, each with its own species of Mobfish and environmental hazards. Players will unlock access to nine different weapons, including those with spinning blades, heat-seeking abilities and spread-shot projectiles. As players complete fishing expeditions, they’ll be encouraged to spend their winnings on upgrades for these weapons.

The game will support both worldwide leaderboards and a hefty achievement-tracking system, which rewards players for their skills with the game’s tilt-based controls. Gamers will also be invited to sign in with Facebook to invite friends to play, or to compare their scores with friends.

Mobfish Hunter is set for release on iOS and Android devices on April 4. Check back soon for more, or to track the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.