Catholic Charity Won’t Accept Chicago Heavy Metal Restaurant’s Unholy Money

A Chicago Catholic charity has refused to accept a peace offering from an area restaurant. Why? Seems they take issue with a burger that makes light of all they (literally) hold sacred. Oh, and it’s all in the name of heavy metal.

The owners of Chi-town meatery Kuma’s Corner love them some Swedish death metal, and they named their latest burger “The Ghost” because “The Opeth” and “The Meshuggah” didn’t sound so tasty (their menu also features sandwiches dedicated to Metallica and Pantera, because they’re old school like that). We love this promotion, but it seems that some took offense at the fact that the burger’s list of ingredients included both the body (communion wafer garnish) and blood (red wine reduction) of Christ.

The story somehow went viral, offended people flooded the restaurant’s pages, and the guys at Kuma’s decided to minimize the dumb controversy with a $1,500 donation to Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago. But the group wasn’t having it.

Here’s Kuma’s explanation on Facebook:

Catholic Charities, however, told the Chicago Tribune that they won’t accept the donation because:

“Communion is a central part of the Catholic faith…We strongly urge Kuma’s to discontinue selling a burger that disrespects that faith and the faith of all Christians.”

Kuma’s director of operations Luke Tobias said that his restaurant never intended to disrespect the church but was simply taking a running joke to its natural conclusion. But now, he said, “…we kind of have to prove a point because we’re not taking the burger off the menu”. One thing’s certain: Kuma’s got a whole lot of unplanned press coverage for this. If we lived in Chicago we would be there.

We’re mostly glad that obscure metal bands are getting their due. Oh, and Kuma’s tagline is “purveyors of fine bovine genocide”, to which we will pay tribute with a silent but vigorous banging of the head.

*Photo via Kuma’s Facebook page and H/T to Death and Taxes, because they are awesome.

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