Catch a Rising Star–a Cheap Rising Star– & Write for Free!

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Tina D. alerts to a Craigslist ad:

Rising Female Comedian Seeking Student Joke/Comedy Writer

If you are a student and wishing to write for a standup comedian, you’ve found one.
This female comedian is an up-and-coming professional powerhouse that is destined to be the next Lily Tomlin/Carol Burnett/Ruth Buzzee.
If you would like to jump on board, there is no pay now, but the rewards later if you stay with the team will keep you steadily employed. Precisely why our team is seeking a serious student that has the time now and truly sees the later rewards.
You will be linked back to her sites as contributing writer and always get credit where credit is due. Free entry to shows as well.
Please only respond if seriously interested and you MUST be a student that’s hungry to make it alongside a quality performer.

* Compensation: no pay

The mind reels as one imagines the jokesmith who longs to work for such a quality performer. Here’s a freebie:

Two parrots were sitting on a perch. One said to the other, “It smells fishy around here.”