Casual Connect: OfferPal CRO Mihir Shah Discusses K-Factors and SocialKast [Video]

At last week’s Casual Connect, OfferPal CRO Mihir Shah held a conference to introduce SocialKast, OfferPal’s new service focused on allowing gamers to “write once, share anywhere”. The SocialKast service consists of a wall, which as seen in the video, allows users to share their gaming activity with people through the Yahoo! APIs, the Google APIs and more, to increase that viral spread that has recently been ebbing on Facebook. Watch Mihir discuss the product after the jump.

A quick disclaimer, the room was packed and the video is pretty shaky. I thought it was important to post this though because Mihir really provides a good overview of how the k-factor of viral growth has slowed down over the last year, and explains how SocialKast aims to remedy that.

OfferPal CRO Mihir Shah Introduces SocialKast from Neil Vidyarthi on Vimeo.