Cards Against Humanity Creates Full-Ride Scholarship for Women in Science

No inappropriate party jokes here.

cards against

Cards Against Humanity is doing something decidedly…well…pro-humanity.

Everyone’s favorite irreverent party game has just released a new science-themed expansion pack, written by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’s Zach Weinersmith and Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait. The proceeds from the sales of the packs ($10 each), will fund the newly-created Cards Against Humanity Science Ambassador Scholarship, which will give full rides to women seeking undergraduate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Cards Against Humanity co-creator Josh Dillon said in a statement:

“Women are underrepresented in science, tech, engineering, and math, and we felt like the funding from this pack could have the greatest impact by making it possible for more women to get an education in those fields, and by giving them a platform to share their work and their passion for science.”

And the rest of us will benefit as well — not just by having a more diverse body of scientists and mathematicians in our society — but from the tear-inducing belly laughs sure to result from cards featuring concepts like these (photo via Nerdist):

Cards-3This isn’t the first time the game-maker has used its powers for good; other charity-funding expansion packs previously released by the company have managed to raise $2 million for non-profits like the Wikimedia Foundation, the Sunlight Foundation, and

It’s nice to know that next time we’re playing a spirited round of Cards Against Humanity and find ourselves hanging our heads in feigned shame at the particularly vulgar scenario our last hand described, we can take heart knowing we’re giving back to a worthy cause at the same time.