Lets You Scan a Credit Card with a Phone to Make a Payment

Typing a credit card number and other information required for online payments is never an enjoyable task. A startup,, has an idea for a better way to make online credit card payments. Lets You Pay on Mobile by Holding a Credit Card Up to the Phone (ReadWrite Mobile) is offering developers a way to build in a way to get credit card information by simply holding the physical credit card in front of a phone’s camera. does not charge developers monthly fees or require a contract. They do, however, take a 15 cent processing fee for each scan. Developers get $30 free credit (presumably for 200 tests). Non-profit organizations can use’s scanning for free.’s technique does not require special hardware beyond a camera. This gives it an advantage over NFC (Near Field Communications) which requires NFC hardware in the phone for use. There is the question, however, of how reliable scanning is on various phones. currently has an SDK (Software Development Kit) for iOS (iPhone and iPad) with an Android SDK in development.

Video courtesy of mettler

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