Candy Crush Saga hits the sweet spot among this week’s fastest-growing Facebook games by DAU’s Candy Crush Saga is continuing to bring in new users, taking the No. 1 spot on our list of fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active user with 900,000 DAU for a 16 percent gain. This is a huge boost for the game, likely helped out by its recent launch on iOS.

Peak Games’ newest “Lost” game Lost Jewels came in at No. 2 with 200,000 DAU for a 26 percent gain.’s recently-launched Pet Rescue Saga snagged the No. 3 position with 200,000 DAU for a 13 percent increase. After a long absence, EA’s The Sims Social took the No. 4 spot with a 15 percent increase of 200,000 DAU. Finally, Scopely’s Dice With Buddies rounded out the top five titles with a 121 percent gain of 170,000 DAU.

Five other titles on this week’s list saw traffic gains of 100 percent or more. First up, there appears to be an unauthorized clone of Valve’s Steam portal on Facebook which brought in 126,000 DAU for a 3,150 percent increase; it’s pretty obvious this isn’t a real Valve product based on some broken images and the fact that the app doesn’t actually fit in the Facebook Canvas. Kingnet’s Chinese-language 神馬三國 took in 110,000 DAU for a 367 percent gain. Ryzing’s Bingo by Ryzing took in 70,000 DAU, a 140 percent gain. Zynga’s Chess With Friends took in 48,000 DAU, a 2,400 percent increase. Finally, Twiitch’s Kartworld was up by 100 percent with 40,000 DAU.

1. Candy Crush Saga6,400,000+900,000+ 16%
2. Lost Jewels970,000+200,000+ 26%
3. Pet Rescue Saga1,700,000+200,000+ 13%
4. The Sims Social1,500,000+200,000+ 15%
5. Dice with Buddies310,000+170,000+ 121%
6. Steam130,000+126,000+ 3,150%
7. 神馬三國140,000+110,000+ 367%
8. SCRABBLE420,000+110,000+ 35%
9. Dragon City3,900,000+100,000+ 3%
10. المزرعة السعيدة2,000,000+100,000+ 5%
11. Angry Words (Apalabrados)220,000+90,000+ 69%
12. BINGO Blitz820,000+80,000+ 11%
13. Bingo by Ryzing120,000+70,000+ 140%
14. Vector140,000+50,000+ 27%
15. DragonBound350,000+50,000+ 17%
16. Chess With Friends50,000+48,000+ 2,400%
17. Mirrorball Slots260,000+40,000+ 18%
18. KartWorld60,000+40,000+ 100%
19. Bizim Çiftlik480,000+40,000+ 9%
20. Solitaire Blitz520,000+30,000+ 6%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataCome back for our list of top emerging apps on Friday.

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