Canadian Tourism Goes Social With Interactive Twitter Murals

Canadian Tourism is getting social in their effort to promote Canada with interactive Twitter murals in major cities around the United States. The campaign has launched in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago and is using cool interactive, touch-screen murals to lure Americans into checking out tweets and photos related to Canada, and inspire onlookers to head to Canada for their next vacation.

The Canadian Tourism Twitter murals appear on 8 x 10 foot monitors. Passers by are welcome to interact with the content on the screens by flipping through tweets about all the great stuff there is to do in Canada, as well as enlarging pictures and interacting with the content on the screen. Tweets about Canadian travel experiences are pulled live to the interactive screens.

I have to admit that I’ve never been to Canada, our neighbor to the North, and that I’ve never really thought about visiting Canada. However, I think that the reason for this is that I never heard anything about Canada or what there is to do there. If I walked by a giant interactive Twitter mural on the street and got a fun taste of Canadian adventure then I would definitely be more inclined to plan a trip, so Kudos to Canada on the great promotional idea.

The idea behind the Canadian Tourism campaign, created by DDB Canada, is that “Every minute hundreds of great travel experiences happen in Canada” and they wanted a good way to let busy Americans know about these great experiences. What better way than with social media and cool, exciting technology? It’s perfect for attracting even the busiest of people as they go about their daily routines on the city streets. Check out the video below to see how the interactive Twitter murals work, and let us know what you think about this innovative campaign.