Can Verizon Revive Interest in Palm webOS Like it Did for Android?

So, Royal Pingdom asks…

Is there hope for Palm in the 2010 smartphone wars?

It recalls the excitement about webOS and the Palm Pre after their CES announcement a year ago (hey, I was excited at the time too). And, how could we forget the two days of launch hype back in June – until the iPhone 3GS was announced (even though most of did forget).

So, where’s Palm webOS now? As I mentioned yesterday, it has a mere 1,000 apps (actually a bit less). And, in the previous blog item here, I noted ChangeWave’s survey results indicates that the public’s stated intention to buy a webOS device is dropping and that people who already own a Palm Pre (or Pixi) are not satisifed in large numbers.

There’s speculation that Palm will announce that Verizon will carry the Pre or some other webOS phone this week at CES. The expectation is, perhaps, that this will revive their fortunes in a way similar to the Droid revived Motorola by virtue of an intense marketing campaign. Would this be enough to revive Palm too?