Can MagicJack Beat AT&T to Launch a Femtocell Product?

If you live in the US, you’ve probably seen (or heard) a MagicJack commercial on TV. This product is a USB device that connects a standard telephone handset into a computer and make calls over the Internet. I have no idea how well this product works. But, they seem to be doing well enough to keep paying for TV commercial air time. Now, according to SiliconAlley, the firm is going to product a femtocell product…

EXCLUSIVE: MagicJack to Announce World’s Lowest-Priced Femtocell

A femtocell is a device that can provide cell phone connectivity in areas that have a weak signal or even no signal. In general, this is done by routing a signal through a broadband network connection. If this sounds similar to MagicJack’s first product, it should.

Last year, AT&T announced a femtocell product to help AT&T Wireless customers who live in cell signal dead zones. However, here we are in 2010 without an AT&T femtocell product. It will be pretty funny if MagicJack launches a viable product before AT&T.