Can Facebook Help You Get a Job? FB Partners with U.S. Labor Department

Facebook will partner up with the U.S. Labor Department to help users who are unemployed find jobs. The social networking site has over 800 million users, and that would certainly amount to a lot of professional networking.

As we know, LinkedIn is completely identified with professional networking, and one might think that Facebook is stepping onto their turf.

However, recently at the Web 2.0 Summit, LinkedIn Chairman Reid Hoffman didn’t bat an eye when it was suggested that Facebook might be a rival since they are teaming up with the U.S. Labor Department to help people find jobs, according to Los Angeles Times.

Hoffman jokingly implied that he didn’t think a Facebook user could find someone a job. He was referring to the social network’s demographics of college kids who attend keg parties while performing other misdeeds. These are the type of activities that have nothing to do with professional networking but more of personal enjoyment. LinkedIn is more of a place for users to show their professional side.

With Facebook’s new design making it easier for its users to share status updates, photos and other information, promoting an individual’s professional side might also work.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the social networking company “downplayed the significance of rolling out resources for job hunters”.

The company is creating a central location for job searching services so people who are on Facebook can connect to recruiters or other resources to help them find work. Spokesman Andrew Noyes told The Los Angeles Times “This is not a competitive service. It’s a public service.”