Can eBooks Bring Back the Best Out-of-Print Children’s Books?

As the publishing industry builds an eBook infrastructure, many readers hope to see their favorite books resurrected digitally. With the iPad and smartphone readers, out-of-print kid’s books could be revived in glorious color.

Over at GalleyCat Reviews, we featured a new curated list from Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations: 10 Out-of-Print Children’s Books Worth Overpaying For.

Over the last year, Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations has created more than 300 lists–giving reading advice on everything from book club books to cancer survivor books.

The complete list (created by Burgin Streetman) is posted at GalleyCat. Here’s more from the 10 Out-of-Print Children’s Books Worth Overpaying For list: “There are some books I would chop off my right arm for (and have… stops to wave with stump). These guys are the endangered species of the children’s book world, dwindling down, sale by sale… until… Get them now before they are gone forever, my friends.”