Calling All Rail Fans: New Book for Your Coffee Table

Jim Shaughnessy isn’t O. Winston Link, but so what? Shaughnessy is still a name to reckon with in the railroad photography world. The Call of Trains: Railroad Photographs of Jim Shaughnessy, to be published next month by W.W. Norton, covers the man’s 40-year career with photographs dating back to 1946 and as recent as 1988. That’s enough to cover the transition from steam to diesel locomotives. Shaughnessy, who’s also a retired civil engineer, wrote the book with Jeff Brouws, author of three other books on railroading, including A Passion for Trains: The Railroad Photography of Richard Steinheimer. The new coffee-table compendium covers the northeastern U.S. and Canada, and shows much more than just trains in motion: also included are sheds, viaducts, and train stations, making it a true reference book for hard-core railfans. Okay, that’s it from this writer, newlywed Steve Delahoyde will be back next week.