Cairo residents depend on Twitter for news since January 25th

Mass media and marketing specialists, Media Republic, announced the results of a study carried out on Cairo 360 which underline the dramatic shift in social media habits since the events of January 25th in Cairo, Egypt.

Of the 300 respondents, 66% said they focused more on Twitter as their primary news source after the revolutionary events than they did previously, with 25% of them having first signed up for Twitter since that time.  80% of those surveyed said their social media habits have shifted, likely a result of how important Twitter and Facebook proved to be during the critical gap in coverage from local and international news authorities.

Traditional media  outlets were using Tweeted messages as news sources and people both in Cairo and around the world took to Twitter to find the most current updates from those in the midst of the uprising.

Media Republic’s survey showed Twitter to still be lagging behind Facebook in terms of online usage, with an astounding 99% of respondents in Cairo having a Facebook account versus the 89% who are signed up for Twitter. However, 64% of respondents designated Twitter as the better source for information than Facebook, being second only to TV for receiving current news information. 53% of respondents claim to check Twitter before Facebook.

It will be interesting to see if similar patterns unfold in other African revolutionary situations, although the confluence of tech-savvy protesters and the extreme amount of attention focused on Cairo during that time is difficult, if not impossible, to replicate.