Bytemobile Updates Optimization Services

Bytemobile, which provides mobile Internet solutions for network operators, has launched a new version of its Web Fidelity and Media Fidelity services that optimize the delivery of PC-quality ad-supported Web and video content to mobile handsets.

Specifically, the new releases feature Web site transparency; optimized Web browsing with navigation bar support for smartphones; expanded Web and multimedia adaptation and new navigational aids and other features for enhanced usability.

With mobile site transparency, PC content is transparently adapted and dynamically optimized according to the specific capabilities of each mobile device. Mobile content is served to the device as is, without adaptation, and optimized only to accelerate speed.

Additionally, the new release of Media Fidelity Service dynamically adapts and optimizes multimedia content in multiple formats, including Flash, Windows Media and MP3. It also now supports streaming media downloads as well as embedded media in all formats.