#bweNYC Consumer Driven Digital Content and User Acquisition

This week Blogworld Expo came to New York bringing with it social media specialists, digital content producers, and media marketers from all over the world. Sessions generally covered mobile, consumer, social business or monetization. Adam Keats, Senior Vice President of Digital Communications at Weber Shandwick led a session on user engagement and how opening the conversation can enable companies to create and market successful and targeted plans “The difference is you can now ask customers to send in their stories, videos, tweets and use them for content.  There’s no longer this stigma there was years ago from legal…its truly engaging now.”

Keats brought up several examples of well ran marketing campaigns including this video of Motorola’s Tablet that went viral with very little hints as to the future tablet. He also highlighted massive initiatives by corporations like Dell who launched their Social Media Command Center last year which actively listens to consumers on the web and can quickly respond in over nine languages. The shift, as Keats noted, is that companies are learning how to “swim with” their consumers while having more control of the brand.

When asked if all these tools emphasizing listening were putting brands at risk for being passive and losing its core brand voice Keats had an interesting take “If listening too much created an atmosphere of brand disharmony then you could argue the brand didn’t really have control or a plan to begin with.”

Take aways from the session included integrating video, leveraging listening tools like Radian6 and being creative with symbolic images.

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Tablet Evolution Presented by Motorola


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