BUZZMEDIA, Plixi to Celebrities, Brands: You Oughta Be in Pictures

Entertainment-content publisher BUZZMEDIA will team up with photo-sharing platform Plixi (formerly TweetPhoto) on integrated content offerings, marketing programs, and branded entertainment campaigns across multiple platforms, including mobile applications.

Plixi photos will also feature related entertainment content from BUZZMEDIA’s Celebuzz, and Plixi users will help to shape editorial content for Celebuzz.

The two companies also teamed up to provide celebrities including Kim Kardashian with customized options for sharing their photos via their official Web sites, Facebook, and Twitter. Among the new features for celebrities and brands:

Topic pages: BUZZMEDIA will use Plixi’s proprietary geo-location data and relevant keywords to offer targeted channels based on events such as the Academy Awards and Halloween, and the pages will include real-time Tweets and photos, alongside BUZZMEDIA editorial content.

VIP photo-sharing watermark: Celebrities and brands can add watermarks to their photos for marketing exposure and personalization.

Automatic upload: Photos uploaded to Plixi can automatically be posted to official Web sites, blogs, and personal profiles on Celebuzz and Buzznet.

Personalization: Brands and celebrities can visually integrate their identities onto their Plixi pages with the additions of logos, backgrounds, and other visual elements.

BUZZMEDIA chief revenue officer Doug Rohrer said:

In the rapidly growing world of social media, this partnership allows us to marry our top-notch editorial programming and integrated advertising campaigns with Plixi’s hyper-viral distribution platform that extends through Twitter, Facebook, and beyond, and which sees more than 300,000 photos uploaded daily on fast-trending entertainment topics.

Plixi co-founder and CEO Sean Callahan added:

We tapped BUZZMEDIA because we were impressed with the unparalleled creativity of their editorial, integrated marketing, and advertising sales groups. The company is constantly innovating the programming they deliver to users and advertisers alike.