Aftermath Of @BurgerKing Twitter Hack: 30,000 New Followers, Conversations Up 300%, 450,000 Tweets

On Monday the official Burger King Twitter account was hacked, with the anonymous exploiters cheekily changing BK’s header photo and logo to that of McDonald’s, claiming that the company had been acquired by its great rival. They also posted a number of tweets, many of which were decidedly unsavoury.

The social reaction was immediate, and immense. The tweets flowed. And flowed. And flowed.

Eventually, the @BurgerKing profile was suspended, and Twitter restored access to the rightful owners. But, all in all, a total disaster for Burger King, right?

Well, maybe not. As folks are inclined to say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and while the hackers pushed all the right buttons…

… the breach ultimately generated a number of positives for Burger King on Twitter, including a huge jump in their total followers, which leapt 30,000 in a single day. Moreover, conversations about Burger King leapt 300 percent, with 450,000 tweets about the burger chain being sent and received in countries all around the world.

Okay, so many of these were disparaging, or outright mocking the brand. But a number were sympathetic, and to their credit Burger King rebounded nicely once the issue was resolved.

Check the infographic below for all the key data.

(Source: Synthesio.)

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