Burger King Drops Soda From Kids’ Meals

More fast-food chains discovering health-conscious consumers...

Right on the heels of McDonald’s announcing its decision to source chicken raised without certain antibiotics, Burger King has come out with its own menu change geared toward increasingly health-conscious consumers.

BK has done away with soft drinks on its children’s menu, replacing them with healthier options like fat-free milk, 100% apple juice, and low-fat chocolate milk. While soda can still be purchased (it is a fast food joint, after all), it is no longer being advertised as part of Burger King Kids Meals.

Alex Macedo, president of Burker King North America, told USA TODAY that the shift, which was made quietly at the end of last month, is “part of our ongoing effort to offer our guests options that match lifestyle needs.”

And as those shifting “lifestyle needs” continue to create higher expectations for transparency and responsibility, we’ve been seeing more and more fast food chains and snack brands making adjustments to their ingredients as of late — everyone from Nestlé to Hershey’s to Dunkin’ Donuts.

So this is one of those instances where, thanks to pressure from activists and consumers alike, the need for companies to remain competitive has created an environment in which changes made for PR purposes are actually causing a positive and meaningful trend toward higher quality and better health.

We love it when that happens.

Of course, some companies are still too busy creating edible coffee cups to consider jumping on the health-conscious badwagon, but we imagine they’ll catch on in time.

We hope.