Budweiser Promotes Responsible Driving With Facebook App

Budweiser has taken its message of responsible driving to Facebook with the I’m The Designated Driver app on its Bud Designated Driver Page. Designated drivers are people who volunteer to not drink or limit their alcohol consumption in order to drive others who didn’t.

The app is located on the Wanna Go? tab and is an offshoot of Budweiser’s designated driver web site. Essentially the site allows users to take Facebook Events and match up designated drivers for each event.

Other features of the app are included in another set of tabs.

The Designate a Driver tab is where users can coordinate events with drivers, the Badges for DDs tabs allows users to award badges to each other on Facebook, My DD Profile tab shows how many times the users has either been a designated driver or carpooled with one and there’s also a feature that places an app box on the left-hand side of the user’s profile to let people in their network see how many times they’ve driven or carpooled and how many people they’ve driven.

All of these functions spread the word about the app throughout a user’s network in different ways via the news feed.

The app asks permission to post to the user’s news feed, as well as modify RSVPs, events and send direct emails. By setting up an event through the I’m The Designated Driver app Facebook users can see the guest list for an event, who the designated drivers are, who they are driving home and how many seats they have left.

Budweiser says on the app’s Page it’s meant to be simple, easy and “a great way to make sure you and your friends get home safe after a night out.” It’s also a tool that adds utility to the Events function on Facebook that users can utilize more than once and keep them interested in Budweiser’s page.

The Facebook page for the app, with more than 5,800 fans, is an extension of a separate web site Budweiser had created promoting the Facebook page, but also encouraging customers to thank or become designated drivers.