UPDATE: Bud Light Responds to ‘Remove No from Your Vocabulary’ Tagline

Tagline tells drinkers to "remove 'no' from your vocabulary for the night."

Earlier today, Consumerist picked up a story based on a reddit feed in which a user noticed that a tagline on his Bud Light bottle was a little…odd.

The line read:

“The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.”

Of course this was meant to encourage drinkers to be adventurous and be #UpForWhatever (trademark Ab InBev), but this is alcohol we’re discussing here, and it could quite easily be read as an acknowledgment of the fact that bad beer leads to bad behavior.

The statement received a wave of criticism on social media. From Lucy Leiderman, Director of Digital Strategy for Bud Light’s ad agency of record, BBDO (she later deleted the tweet):

Before its big Super Bowl campaign in February, the company told various media outlets that it planned to run “a variety of messages on 12-ounce bottles to inspire consumers to try new experiences.”

In the meantime, nearly everyone has offered his/her variation on the same joke:

“My first no would be to whoever offered me a damn bud light.”

UPDATE: right after this post went live, Bud’s head of brand comms Lisa Weser offered us statement in the form of a tweet:

Here’s a longer statement the company sent to BuzzFeed: