Bruce Jenner Cover Photo(Shop) Proves Magazine Is Out of Touch

Terrible news for the tabloid's reputation. Oh wait...

It’s becoming harder and harder to believe that Bruce Jenner was once America’s most impressive athlete…yes, that Bruce Jenner.

In 1976, he was the man who set a world record in the Olympic Decathlon…he was even on a Wheaties box. Of course, you may know him as that guy rumored to be searching for a gender-alerting surgery or the guy formerly on that Kardashian show.bruce-jenner

(Bruce Jenner: 1988 and 2014; Source: AP/People)

And now, he’s the victim of a hacky cover story/PhotoShop job on In Touch magazine — one so bad, the LGBT community is complaining. Loudly.

Bruce Jenner may be in a bad way, but nothing prepared his family for this cover.

Jenner’s estranged wife, Kris Jenner — never one to shy away from a camera or a microphone –gave a not-so-uplifting statement of support:

“It’s just mean to do whether or not it’s true.”

Meanwhile, various members of the LGBT community are a little more bothered than her. In other words, they care about the journalism.

I’m astounded that Bonnie Fuller’s Hollywood Life would claim to have ‘all the details’ on Bruce Jenner’s ‘big magazine plans’ because their story is a total fabrication — like InTouch’s distressing Photoshopped cover,” said Matthew Breen, editor in chief of The Advocate.

The Advocate article goes on to quote a few more irate sources, most notably, this guy:

Calling the image “unreal,” athlete Chris Mosier, founder of, says the cover is “just plain offensive — both that they printed it and that there’s clearly a market for it.”

By saying Bruce Jenner is transitioning, the In Touch cover story and image supports and maintains a dangerous environment for transgender people — particularly transgender women, who already experience violence at an alarming rate.

This morning, Samantha Allen of The Daily Beast ran with the headline “InTouch Puts Transphobia on Its Cover.

So the image offended just days after a show about a transgender man won the Golden Globe for drama. BuzzFeed also did some investigative reporting and found the muse behind this PhotoShop job: British actress Stephanie Beacham.

stephanie beacham

The controversy might serve as a terrible blow to InTouch’s reputation…if it had a reputation to protect.