Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War Launches on iOS, Android

Brothers in Arms 3Gameloft has announced the launch of the newest title in the Brothers in Arms franchise on mobile devices. Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is set during World War II, and sees players jumping into the boots of Sergeant Wright, challenged with leading his band of brothers through the war around them. Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War includes multiple gameplay modes and challenges, in addition to a single-player campaign, and players will meet multiple soldiers along the way, each with their own abilities.

The game’s single-player mode offers eight chapters of missions, each comprised of a variety of standard mission types. Assault missions, for instance, see players given free movement throughout an environment, with a goal of attacking any nearby enemies as they complete an objective. A siege mission, meanwhile, sees players defending a specific area. Sniper missions are static, and see players sniping at enemies. Finally, stealth missions see players completing objectives while avoiding enemy detection.

While playing, users move between cover positions, and slide their finger around the screen to aim their weapon. The game will automatically lock onto targets, allowing players to tap a button to shoot until they’re taken down. Players can collect up to 18 historical weapons as they play, split into four classes: rifle, SMG, assault and sniper.

In addition to these historical weapons, eight “experimental” weapons are also available, with abilities such as infinite bullets, triple bullets, electric shots and more. Players earn money as they complete missions, and can spend this money on each weapon’s four upgradeable stats.

Outside of the level-based campaign mode, players can complete RAID, Commando and Blueprint missions, as well as a Ladder Challenge. This Ladder Challenge is a survival mode, challenging players to complete a series of missions without failing. In this mode, the longer players survive, the better their chance of receiving greater rewards, but when they fail a single mission, they’ll need to start building their streak again from scratch. Meanwhile, Blueprint missions help players unlock the game’s experimental weapons, and so on.

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is coming soon to Windows devices, and is supported via available in-app purchases.