50 Twitter Power Tips From Chris Brogan

Worth a moment of your time.

There’s some great stuff here. In fact, the only one I really disagree with is #2 – “follow anyone who follows you”.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t automatically follow anyone who follows you. In fact, that’s the worst thing you can do, and it’s a bad habit to start. Be selective. Twitter becomes an unmanageable mess when you follow thousands of people, and all that will happen is you’ll start to exclude (ultimately) the bulk of your network above a select (and elite) group of others.

(To his credit, Brogan doesn’t do this – but he admits himself he doesn’t read every tweet, which is fair enough but that can be improved. If you find yourself breaking everybody down into lots of lists, it’s time for a re-think on your follow number.)

And because of the ripple effect on Twitter – everybody is connected to everybody else through network mesh – and the upcoming Twitter Business Toolkit for brands, it’s also completely unnecessary.

(Also, tip #22 is perhaps a little bit cheeky, given that Chris bangs out 52 tweets per day – he must spend hours in search! 😉 )

Brogan knows his stuff and perhaps above anybody else has proven Twitter to be an incredible resource for building a community, generating leads and driving business. You can learn a lot from his advice, and these tips are a great starting point.