“Bro Lifeline” App Is The Ultimate Wingman

Do you need pickup lines, make excuse for being late or just want to get out of sticky situation? Don’t worry, Bro Lifeline, an exciting new mobile app from TechiXoft got you covered.

Bro Lifeline is an ultimate wingman app that aims to assist guys as they handle dating issues and other awkward situations. Bro Lifeline generates fake background sounds to help you get out of awkward phone calls. The app also gives pick-up lines, pep talks, and excuses to guys who need a little push while talking to a girl or getting out of a sticky situation. The app is very comprehensive and comes with a built-in sharing capability allowing users to conveniently send the content via email or SMS.

On August 12, Bro Lifeline was named as one of the “Apps of the Day” on Phandroid.com, the popular Android site. The app is also making titles in numerous Android websites including, AppBrain, Andbot, and Talk Android.

TechiXoft CEO, John Nicasio said:

We are very pleased with the Android community’s response towards Bro Lifeline. It just goes to show that even a novelty application, such as the one we released can still have a significant impact, as long it is executed in a polished and complete manner. We’ve had users tell us about how much Bro Lifeline cracks them up; we’re very pleased to learn that, because it means that our app is both helpful and entertaining at the same time. You can’t find any other app in the market that has sounds, pickup lines, pep talks, jokes, and excuses all in one program. That’s what makes it the ultimate wingman app.

An official video demonstration of the app from TechiXoft can be seen below.