Brits Stream Murray but Prefer McEnroe Dis

BBC biggest live Web audience since 2012 Olympics

Andy Murray made history on Sunday, drawing millions of U.K. viewers to their TV sets. But on the Web, Murray’s win couldn't top an angry Kirsten Flipkens berating a broadcaster or John McEnroe getting dissed by a duchess.

According to the BBC, the most popular Wimbledon video to date was a clip of Flipkens stopping during one of her matches to complain about the noise a BBC reporter was making; that clip was viewed over 400,000 times in the U.K.

The second most popular Wimbledon clip, streamed over 200,000 times, featured the Duchess of Cornwall leaving McEnroe hanging as he attempted a handshake. That left footage of Murray’s epic win over Novak Djokovic—the first Wimbledon victory by a British man in 77 years—in third place as of today with 175,000 views. It's certainly possible that these numbers can change as more Britons look to relive Murray's long-awaited win.

In terms of live viewing, Murray fell short as well—probably since most Brits who could elected to view the final on TV on this historic Sunday afternoon. Per the BBC, the three most viewed live matches were Friday’s five-set semifinal battle between Djokovic and Juan Del Porto (956,000 views); Murray’s previous two matches (878,000 views); and Murray vs. Mikhail Youzhny (539,000 view)—both of which likely drew a large at-work audience.

Overall, the BBC said it delivered 12.7 million video streams during this year's Wimbledon coverage across all platforms—the biggest audience for online viewing since the London 2012 Olympic Games.

ESPN expects to release streaming numbers later in the day, said officials.

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