BringIt Adds Minigames for Pop Boom and Happy Aquarium, Claims Improving Metrics

Late last year, BringIt launched with the idea of adding skill gaming mechanics to social games on Facebook, in order to increase monetization. It’s announcing its second major partner today, CrowdStar, and a couple of new ideas and improvements.

BringIt is integrating with two games for CrowdStar: Happy Aquarium and Pop Boom. The latter, a match-3 game, is the actual skill game being used in both. Players sign up for tournaments, pay with virtual currency to enter, and the winners get multiples of their bet.

These games have already produced an improvement in BringIt’s metrics over its performance with RockYou, its first partner. The average player using BringIt plays for seven minutes per session, and the ARPDAU (revenue per daily user, per day) has risen to 11 cents per player within BringIt’s skill games.

For a game like Happy Aquarium, where only three to five percent of players click through to a BringIt skill game, that number is incremental income. But in Pop Boom, every user is effectively playing using BringIt, leading to a larger boost relative to the game’s existing income.

Bringit’s new idea is to use Facebook Credits as the betting currency, while paying out in the game’s own premium currency, in order to help games capture unused Credits that might otherwise be spent elsewhere. Of course, some of the Credits might be promotional, but BringIt CEO Woody Levin says acting as a sink to get seeded Credits out of the system is also part of the plan.

The other idea, not yet implemented, is to reward tournament players with special edition virtual goods. It’s not hard to imagine users skill gaming to get certain items, but the idea hasn’t been tested yet.